Trolland, where trolls live

As soon as I heard that Cica Ghost had opened a new installation, I knew I had to go and check it out. And I’m glad I did, because Trolland did not disappoint!
Trolland is her latest work and it is delightful! The textures of the land and rocks are as always sublime and the trolls are beautifully crafted. And not scary at all! 

Mr and Mrs Troll

Useful ropes

Since windlight settings are part of Cica’s work, there is a sign requesting you enjoy the region in the shared environment, in this instance some shades of purple. Though it indeed complements the creations, I couldn’t help myself and took some pics using  a different EEP, sorry Cica!


What’s cooking?

Overall, Trolland is a fun place to explore and meet the inhabitants. If you’re a fan of trolls, you can even purchase one (or all three!) for 500LS each. They would make a great addition to any garden or home.

So go and enjoy the trolls at Trolland!

Your taxi to Trolland

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