In Second Life, the mountains rise

If you’re into mountains, fog and clouds, then Cloud Edge is the place to go! Created by Funky Banana, this region offers peace and quiet and a stunning view over mountain tops, surrounded by clouds. Simply gorgeous and inspiring!

Fog and mist envelop the mountaintops
A ethereal veil, a dreamy crop
Of wispy tendrils, swirling about
A ghostly presence, no doubt

In Second Life, the mountains rise
Their craggy peaks and cloud-filled skies
A virtual realm, a digital space
Where the fog and mist have their own place

As I wander through this misty land
I feel a sense of otherworldly grand
The mountains loom, a daunting sight
But the fog and mist bring a sense of light

For in this place, all things are new
The mountains, the fog, the view
A world of endless possibility
Where the metaverse and mountains be

So I’ll wander on, through fog and mist
Through mountains and realms I can’t resist
For in this world, the fog and mist
Are but a fleeting moment, a twist

In case you wonder if I have suddenly become a poet, nope. I have not. This wonderful piece was created with AI, which I requested to write it for me. How clever! I promise the rest is really written by me.

Anyway, Cloud Edge is worth a visit, here is your taxi!  And if you takes pictures, and I am sure you will, don’t forget to submit them to the Cloud Edge Flickr group.

Happy exploring!

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