Meanwhile in Lunarville…

Welcome to the year 2052, where Planet Earth is suffering from a dire state. Meanwhile, the ultra-rich have migrated to the moon, specifically to a place called Lunarville. However, only a select 1% of them apparently managed to secure a spot in this exclusive lunar community.

Lunarville is a funny and unique destination with a bit of a retro vibe. Here, you can witness dancing aliens, explore the (furnished) rooms of the main building, and even indulge in some clubbing at the exclusive ‘Apollo Lounge’. Surprisingly, one can walk around outside without a space suit, which adds to the otherworldly experience of being on the moon.

Once you arrive at the landing point, you have the option to take the teleporter to either Sur Mer or Lunarville. Although I only captured pictures in Lunarville, Sur Mer is equally fascinating and worth exploring! However, I’ll save the details for another night and a future blog post.

LM to Lunarville/Sur Mer

Happy moontravels!


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