Just another night in Second Life: from Paris to Miami

Over the past couple of weeks, my real life has been a bit weird, and sometimes I just need to disconnect and find some peace. That’s where Second Life comes in.

Because as soon as you log in, you enter a whole new world where you can travel to different destinations with just a click of a button. Whether you want to explore exotic beaches, bustling cities, or serene countryside landscapes, Second Life has it all. There’s something about exploring a virtual world that allows us to disconnect from reality and immerse ourselves in a new and exciting environment.

The other night I found myself in  Le Petit Paris . This charming place captures the essence of Paris, without the iconic Eiffel Tower, but instead, surrounded by majestic mountains. Although some may miss the iconic landmark, I didn’t mind its absence. After all, in a virtual world, anything is possible.

Le petit Paris

The small streets of Le Petit Paris are clean, with a small terrace and a park. During my visit, I had the entire place to myself, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some pictures. I experimented with various Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) settings and angles, and it was therapeutic.

Following my peaceful time in Paris, I decided to explore further and landed in Le Chateau Vice Islands, which embodies the vibe of Miami in the 1980s. This photogenic spot has a lovely beach, hotels, palm trees, and bright, vibrant colors that capture the essence of the era. Although I didn’t come across Sonny or Crocket, the location is a fun destination. Plus, unlike the real Miami, this virtual version is surrounded by mountains too, instead of swamps so a unique twist to the traditional setting.

Le Chateau Vice Island
Le Chateau Vice Island


Landmark Le Petit Paris

Landmark Le Chateau Vice Island

Flickr group Le Chateau Vice Island


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