Love Is a Corrupted Data Stream: Inworld signing event. Attend and get a free, signed, PDF copy.

What the Huck?

This is a first for me, and that pleases me. I’m going to be giving away free PDF copies of my latest novel, Love Is a Corrupted Data Stream – and, what’s more, they’ll be signed, personally, for you.

Here’s how it will work. Come to The Nancy Redgrave Buildingbetween1pm and 2pm SLT on Wednesday 29 March2023. Take the teleporter from the foyer up to the bar lounge. There will be a sign for you to click on in the bar which will take you online to a Google form. Enter into the form who you’d like your signed copy made out to and an email address for me to send it to. Then hang around and chat with me (or browse the shamelessly self-promotional stuff that – let’s face it – I’m highly likely to lay out around the area) whilst you’re waiting for your…

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