Fantasy Faire 2014

Today is the last day the Fairelands are open, the 11 gorgeous sims filled with shops and wonderful buildings.
There will be a live auction tonight – you can read all about it here – and after that the closing party, to send the Fairelands back to their invisible realms…
The Palace of Tears will stay open for another week, so hunters can complete the hunt!

I have made many, many pictures of the beautiful sims, most of them have not used or published as they were used on the official Fantasy Faire website, but now, since the Faire is about to close..I will post some on my blog and Flickr, as a reminder of this super event, for a great cause (which has almost reached the 5 million Linden Dollars in fundraising, how cool is that!)

Nope, I still do not have favourite places, so my collection of pictures in here is purely random. Go see them yourself, while you still can, you really do not want to have missed this!

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Mourningvale Thicket - I

Mourningvale Thicket

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Hopes Horizon - III

Hopes Horizon

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Blackwater Glenn_011

Blackwater Glenn

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Sanctum - II



For some reason, Lacrimosa from Mozarts Requiem – my all time favourite part of the Requiem, has played an important part in my Second Life this year and seems to become a theme.

I cannot get enough of this piece and often play it while exploring or photoshopping. Of course, I was delighted to see and hear it being performed in one the scenes in Paradise Lost, the scene where Adam and Eve get extorted from Eden. Yes, I got the tissues ready :).

Lacrimosa in Stone - IV

So. The Fantasy Faire 2014 opened and one of the first sims I visited was Sanctum, created and sponsored by Fallen God Inc. and….guess what…Alia gifted me a new avatar/outfit called: Lacrimosa.
It just screamed at me: ARTSY FARTSY PICS!!! DEWIT!!!

lacrimosa in Stone - III

So I did. I got Don to get the male version of Lacrimosa, which is with a kilt so that made it comfortable to turn him into stone..haha, and he had the patience to pose with me for over an hour….all for ART!

lacrimosa in Stone - II

Lacrimosa, in one of the Paradise Lost trailers:

Pictures shot on location: Binemist
Lacrimosa outfit by Fallen Gods Inc – Fantasy Faire Sanctum (we are both wearing our own shape)
My hair: Argrace – Haruka

Pose on first two pics: Treasured by Infiniti
Pose on third pic: Abandon by Del May


This week’s Monday Meme by Strawberry is all about colours. The challenge is easy: take a picture of you wearing or with the colour(s) you like. Now, I like a lot of colours, bright ones…pastel ones…although often my avatar is dressed in white. I just like it all bright and happy. For Real Life that is basically the same, I do have some black outfits, but mostly I tend to wear colourful shirts and skirts. And shoes. Needless to say, I also have a collection of handbags in all colours. Ahem.

For Berry's Meme: Colour - I

For this weeks meme I decided ‘Lime’  was a favourite, mainly because I bought this wonderful Lime Gown from Aspara – the Kairavi (an RFL item!) at the Fantasy Faire! Some may find it a difficult colour, but in SL you can combine endlessly and it is so easy to match your hair and ears here I am, all ‘limed up’.

For Berry's meme: Colour - II

I took the pictures on a rather dark Fantasy Faire sim: Mourningvale Thicket, it is so photogenic!

Fantasy Faire - Mourningval Thicket - II

* Gown: Kairavi in Lime by Aspara (a RFL item) – Fantasy Faire, Hopes Horizon
* Armour: Eldar Female Armour in Gold by the Forge (comes with a belt I am not wearing) – Fantasy Faire – Asperatus
* Hair: Sanna in Grass by Wasabi Pills – Fantasy Faire – Sanctum

Pictures shot on location: Fantasy Faire – Mourningvale Thicket

Fantasy Faire 2017

Sweet Silent Thought - I

‘When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear time’s waste:
Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
For precious friends hid in death’s dateless night,
And weep afresh love’s long since cancelled woe,
And moan the expense of many a vanished sight.
Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
And heavily from woe to woe tell o’er
The sad account of fore-bemoanèd moan,
Which I new pay as if not paid before.
But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restored and sorrows end’

~ William Shakespeare – Sonnet 30

Sweet Silent Thought - II

The Fairelands Junctions, built by Sayge Lotus, not only for the portals to all locations  but also with the lovely and peaceful  ‘Fen of Remembrance’.

Sweet Silent Thought - III


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Fantasy Faire 2017

And with this quote of J.R.R. Tolkien – the Fellowship of the Ring, my first blogpost on this wonderful site, about one of the most amazing events in SL starts…!

My name is Caitlin Tobias and I love the Fantasy Faire.

This afternoon (well for me it was afternoon) The Fantasy Faire 2014 opened its many portals to the eleven sims, filled with gorgeous buildings and shops.

As I stood on Sanctum the moment the Faire opened, I watched the people coming in. Some disorientated, some grey, some immediately started running.  I smiled and tried to blend in, just being an observer. With a camera.

Not all those who wander...are lost...I

Then, two little boys came near  where I stood – disguised as a statue – and I heard them discussing whether or not take the ‘stairway to heaven’, a name not invented by me or anyone, but it is what lots of people say when…

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Today, at 9AM SLT, the 11 sims of the Fantasy Faire 2014 will open their doors….well, portals, to the public. I’ve had the privilege of extra early access since this weekend and have been exploring and taking pics like a mad thing, while builders and designers worked their (in some case mesh) asses off to get it all ready! Seriously days and nights people were running around with prims, mesh, textures, vendors and whatnot…I can only say: a VERY BIG WELL DONE to all the hard workers, because the end result is more than stunning.

I have no favourite sim, I really do not.
Fantasy Faire - Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc.

Today, a few hours before official opening – while the bloggers are allover the place to check it out, I went back to Hopes Horizon, a sim built by Jaimy Hancroft and sponsored by Dwarfins, for some pics of an outfit I got from Fallen Gods Inc., and for the last photo’s now it is not that busy yet :).

SLURLS (as soon as the Faire opens), store-lists, bloggers and background information can all be found on the official website! Happy shopping and most of all: when you go, and you know you want to, take the time to admire the wonderful builds too!

Fantasy Faire - Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc.

* Dress, skin and eyes: Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc. ( Fantasy Faire – located on Sanctum) It comes with a shape too, but I am wearing my own.
* Hair : Argrace – Haruka
* Demon Hands by Death Row Designs
Picture shot on location Hopes Horizon – Fantasy Faire



In about 4 days, on 1 May, the Fantasy Faire 2014 will open its 11 sims and will run till 11 May. As always, the faire is a RFL event and creators will sell event exclusives and many proceeds go the RFL.

Because I enjoy this Faire every year, as the sims are amazing and showcases of wonderful builds (yes, shopping is cool too!), I applied as blogger just to try to get early access to make pictures of the sims. To my surprise and delight, I did not only get early access…but even pre-early access and was asked by the organisation to take pretty photo’s of all sims, giving me access per yesterday – allowing me to wander around practically all alone, as the shops are still empty and some buildings are still being finalised. Also, I will occasionally blog on the Fantasy Faire website as guest writer/photographer, when the faire is open. I am very excited!

I am not a product- or fashion blogger, there are many many others who do a much better job in that, but as you can imagine I could not wait to tp to the Fairelands and have a look!

Now, I will not publish the pics I already took, but they will be published soon :). I can say this: The Fantasy Faire 2014 is a must visit. The sims look gorgeous and you will not be disappointed.

For more information, Slurls (as soon as the Faire is open)  lists of vendors, interviews with sponsors and creators and of course more information and details on RFL, go to the official website : Fantasy Faire 2014. For preview photo’s of products and locations, there is a Flickr Group.


Fantasy Faire 2014