Fantasy Faire 2014 – opening today

Today, at 9AM SLT, the 11 sims of the Fantasy Faire 2014 will open their doors….well, portals, to the public. I’ve had the privilege of extra early access since this weekend and have been exploring and taking pics like a mad thing, while builders and designers worked their (in some case mesh) asses off to get it all ready! Seriously days and nights people were running around with prims, mesh, textures, vendors and whatnot…I can only say: a VERY BIG WELL DONE to all the hard workers, because the end result is more than stunning.

I have no favourite sim, I really do not.
Fantasy Faire - Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc.

Today, a few hours before official opening – while the bloggers are allover the place to check it out, I went back to Hopes Horizon, a sim built by Jaimy Hancroft and sponsored by Dwarfins, for some pics of an outfit I got from Fallen Gods Inc., and for the last photo’s now it is not that busy yet :).

SLURLS (as soon as the Faire opens), store-lists, bloggers and background information can all be found on the official website! Happy shopping and most of all: when you go, and you know you want to, take the time to admire the wonderful builds too!

Fantasy Faire - Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc.

* Dress, skin and eyes: Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc. ( Fantasy Faire – located on Sanctum) It comes with a shape too, but I am wearing my own.
* Hair : Argrace – Haruka
* Demon Hands by Death Row Designs
Picture shot on location Hopes Horizon – Fantasy Faire




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  1. I love Fantasy Fair! Have fun!! <3

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