The Fantasy Faire 2014 is coming!

In about 4 days, on 1 May, the Fantasy Faire 2014 will open its 11 sims and will run till 11 May. As always, the faire is a RFL event and creators will sell event exclusives and many proceeds go the RFL.

Because I enjoy this Faire every year, as the sims are amazing and showcases of wonderful builds (yes, shopping is cool too!), I applied as blogger just to try to get early access to make pictures of the sims. To my surprise and delight, I did not only get early access…but even pre-early access and was asked by the organisation to take pretty photo’s of all sims, giving me access per yesterday – allowing me to wander around practically all alone, as the shops are still empty and some buildings are still being finalised. Also, I will occasionally blog on the Fantasy Faire website as guest writer/photographer, when the faire is open. I am very excited!

I am not a product- or fashion blogger, there are many many others who do a much better job in that, but as you can imagine I could not wait to tp to the Fairelands and have a look!

Now, I will not publish the pics I already took, but they will be published soon :). I can say this: The Fantasy Faire 2014 is a must visit. The sims look gorgeous and you will not be disappointed.

For more information, Slurls (as soon as the Faire is open)  lists of vendors, interviews with sponsors and creators and of course more information and details on RFL, go to the official website : Fantasy Faire 2014. For preview photo’s of products and locations, there is a Flickr Group.


Fantasy Faire 2014


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  1. Bine Rodenberger says:

    I love the fantasy Faire too and I can’t wait for it to open to the public – I didn’t get the early access, but that’s okay. I could go with SLGO OnLive ;o))

  2. Becky says:

    That’s great news Cait :) Looking forward to see your pics and getting your top tips of must-not misses !

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