Fantasy Faire 2014 – What a week!

Today is the last day the Fairelands are open, the 11 gorgeous sims filled with shops and wonderful buildings.
There will be a live auction tonight – you can read all about it here – and after that the closing party, to send the Fairelands back to their invisible realms…
The Palace of Tears will stay open for another week, so hunters can complete the hunt!

I have made many, many pictures of the beautiful sims, most of them have not used or published as they were used on the official Fantasy Faire website, but now, since the Faire is about to close..I will post some on my blog and Flickr, as a reminder of this super event, for a great cause (which has almost reached the 5 million Linden Dollars in fundraising, how cool is that!)

Nope, I still do not have favourite places, so my collection of pictures in here is purely random. Go see them yourself, while you still can, you really do not want to have missed this!

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Mourningvale Thicket - I
Mourningvale Thicket
Fantasy Faire 2014 - Hopes Horizon - III
Hopes Horizon
Fantasy Faire 2014 - Blackwater Glenn_011
Blackwater Glenn
Fantasy Faire 2014 - Sanctum - II

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Imogen Jie says:

    Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Imogen, it was – as every year – so wonderful!

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