Let it be Lime!

This week’s Monday Meme by Strawberry is all about colours. The challenge is easy: take a picture of you wearing or with the colour(s) you like. Now, I like a lot of colours, bright ones…pastel ones…although often my avatar is dressed in white. I just like it all bright and happy. For Real Life that is basically the same, I do have some black outfits, but mostly I tend to wear colourful shirts and skirts. And shoes. Needless to say, I also have a collection of handbags in all colours. Ahem.

For Berry's Meme: Colour - I

For this weeks meme I decided ‘Lime’  was a favourite, mainly because I bought this wonderful Lime Gown from Aspara – the Kairavi (an RFL item!) at the Fantasy Faire! Some may find it a difficult colour, but in SL you can combine endlessly and it is so easy to match your hair and ears too..so here I am, all ‘limed up’.

For Berry's meme: Colour - II

I took the pictures on a rather dark Fantasy Faire sim: Mourningvale Thicket, it is so photogenic!

Fantasy Faire - Mourningval Thicket - II

* Gown: Kairavi in Lime by Aspara (a RFL item) – Fantasy Faire, Hopes Horizon
* Armour: Eldar Female Armour in Gold by the Forge (comes with a belt I am not wearing) – Fantasy Faire – Asperatus
* Hair: Sanna in Grass by Wasabi Pills – Fantasy Faire – Sanctum

Pictures shot on location: Fantasy Faire – Mourningvale Thicket


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