Fantasy Faire 2015

Fantasy Faire 2017

…come to an end.

And while the Faire will still be up and filled with events today (see this page with all activities for today!), the Fairelands will disappear at some point after today,  so this is my last blogpost for this years Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Thank you for the music - A blogpost Fantasy Faire Radio, thank you for the music!

It was an honour and I have, as every year, enjoyed all the sims – no exceptions, no favourites! The people, the parties, the amazing creations, the fun, the shopping, the awesome amount that is raised for RFL…wow what a week it has been!

Fantasy Faire 2015 - See you in 2016 - A blogpost See you in the Fairelands in 2016!

For now, I wish you a fun-filled and magical day on the Faire and hope to see you all back next year <3.
Hopefully Cinderella will not mind that I am using her carriage to take my stuff back to my home (if I…

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Fantasy Faire 2017

This weekend is the last weekend the Faire is inworld, after the weekend it will be gone…the 11 and a half months of me feeling homeless will begin.
BUT! No sadness. Nope! There is still this whole weekend to enjoy the Faire to it fullest and contribute to Relay For Life, if you want.

I, for one, will keep living on the Fairelands till they disappear and have fun doing so!

The past week I discovered I like being a Mermaid, I’ve met wonderful people, seen shows that were amazing and  I have ordered a real-life Fantasy Faire pendant!

[Give me the night], I'll give you the morning in return @ Poseidons Abbys

You can too, just like me, take a bit of the Faire with you! Keeping it close  till next year, either by buying the Odyssey or Spires of Andolys builds, the wonderful RL- pendant or participate or buy the FF  Calendar.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Odyssey - V The waterhorse from Meadowworks, here…

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Fantasy Faire 2017

First of all, I have to say I am very, very honoured to be part of the team of Fantasy Faire Photographers Team(and writers)! For me, this annual event is something I look forward to every year, starting the moment the Faire ends.

* (FF Photographers: Dancing Veeper, Alisaundra Andel, Dr. Justen Tyme, Wildstar Beaumont, Tamzin Zigalia,  Asher Law and yours truly)

I have gotten the most lovely compliments and comments on the pics I have published so far, and that makes me smile so much. I do my best to visually document the amazing sims, for now and for when we have to wait another 12 months till the next Faire appears.

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost zOMG. I was just changing outfits and ‘someone’ put a shiny tower over me (@ Aurora)

Being a ‘FF Photographer’  meant that I have had the privilege to access the sims even before…

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Fantasy Faire 2017

‘It’s useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one ‘ – Terry Pratchett

Today is the birthday of Terry Pratchett, the wonderful fantasy author of my favourite DiscWorld books, who passed away last month.
The Fantasy Faire is celebrating Terry Pratchett Day – with several events about which you can find all information here on this page!

A Tail in Another World - A blogpost

I decided to take the above quote and use it to show how I, as many of us, use Second Life – and this week the Fantasy Faire – to go to another world and watch ours from another perspective. Immersing in something different.Being a Mermaid is not something I do in SL (well, nor in real life for that matter) but the Fairelands Junctions underwater world just scream for Mermaids and Merman. So I put on my tail and took a dive…

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Fantasy Faire 2017

So, today I was really going to do a post with happy, cheerful stuff. I am still doing that! The thing is, after my first blog post on this site, I got stories, IM’s and emails. Of wonderful people in Second Life. New people and friends, sharing their experiences and thoughts not only about how cool the Fairelands are this time (again!) but also heartbreaking news about loved ones they lost and how much it means to them that the Faire is raising funds for the RFL.

Every sunrise is a new hope Every sunrise is a new hope

So while I was having a good time at the ‘Jail and Bail’ tonight, enjoying the singing of Max Kleene while he was ‘captured’ by the Faireland Security and could be ‘bailed out’ by donations to the Kiosk next to his cage….I read the stories I received.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Faireland Sherrif and Constable @ The Jail and Bail Fairelands Security!

Stories about loss but also about hope. About…

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Fantasy Faire 2017

Once the Fantasy Faire back is inworld, magically materialised – well and due to hard work from all the creators, landscapers, builders and organisation – the first stop for me is always the Fairelands Junctions.
Not only because that is where you find the portals to all the locations, but also because it is where the Wall of Rememberance is located.
A beautiful monument, with candles, this year placed on a small island. A place to sit for a moment and…well, remember.

I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine - FF 2015 blogpost ‘Wall of Rememberance’ created by Saiyge Lotus, on the Fairelands Junction

After all, the Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life in SL event and I have this short ritual of spending some time at the Wall of Remberance before I dive in the parties, the shopping and exploring.

Nothing sad, nothing depressing, but a few moments of reflection, remembering and love.

I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine - FF 2015 blogpost Odyssey – by Alia Baroque


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