Fantasy Faire 2015 is coming!

One of the…no… THE event of the year for me is almost there, The Fantasy Faire. Ten sims of awesomeness will open to the public on 23 April, till 3 May, and even if you do not like shopping (eh?) you should visit it anyway, because the Fantasy Faire sims have never disappointed!

I am, as every year, looking forward for the Faire-grounds to appear on the grid and open, so I can wander around and ‘live’ there for as long as the Faire lasts….and I am not the only one!
Also, just like last year, I am extremely proud and honoured to be invited as guest-blogger on the official Fantasy Faire website and as Fantasy Faire Photographer! So be warned, in those two weeks my blog will be filled with Fantasy Faire posts and pics.
Fantasy Faire 2015 is coming! - II

Curious on what the themes of the ten sims will be this year?
(I’ve copied this from the official site, as it was published the other day)

The sneak peek descriptions and teasers to the sims are:

Aurora (by Beq Janus) – On a world plunged into ice age, men of science seek answers in the etheral shimmering of the planets energy field.
Meanwhile the Mystics tell tales of the unweaver at whose feet they lay the blame for their ice-age, their hopes for salvation lie in legends of heroes, ancient tales of lands across the dimensions, their faith hangs on finding the lost knowledge that can bring forth the confluence. The two factions, poles apart in their beliefs are about come together as myth and machine meet beneath the Northern Lights.

Ichi-go Ichi-e (by Sharni Azalee/Marcus Inkpen) – Let your imagination fly you to a land where anything is possible.
Walk on water among pink clouds in this surreal landscape where large sakura flowers and other exotic flora tower over you in a beautiful dream forest of pinks and grays and fawn.

Odyssey (by Alia Baroque) – “As you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that your journey be a long one, filled with adventure, filled with discovery.
” Barry B. Powell, Classical Myth

Poppetsborough (by Luna Barak/Alrunia Ahn/Kyra Reiter) – Enter a storybook world with the emphasis on the book.
Have your favorite stories pop to life as you walk into the book and become the characters of your favorite fairytales.

Spires of Andolys (by Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords) – Crooked little fantasy styled houses inspired by the fairytales of your childhood.
Centered around a magnificent castle that would be the envy of Sleeping Beauty. Careful though, the castle guards a secret dungeon hidden deep within its bowels where the darkest villains are forever forgotten

Sylvan of Spells (by Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan) – Enchanted grove where our stories are collected and nurtured by mystic librarians.
Books, scrolls and parchment litter the ground, the debris of the Forest of Enlightenment.

Fantasy Faire 2015 is coming! - III

Tangleshimmer Grove (by Searlait Nitschke) – Deep in the heart of the wood is the secret place of Fairies.
Golden light bathes the lush green as flowers dance and the early morning dew lays a glistening shimmer over the world.

Valacia (by Mayah Parx) – A floating market town, a bustling trade hub where denizens of the Fairelands come to trade for even the most obscure of items.
Dark & weatherbeaten, all matter of constructions crisscross the waters to keep this hodgepodge of shacks,stalls and barges afloat. Magical mysteries abound in this haven for traders and thieves alike.

Wildehaven Marsh (by Rynn Verwood) – Settled at the edge of a lake, the village was created centuries ago, as a safe haven for those who practiced magic.
An air of abandonment floats over the town now, however don’t be fooled, its magic is still much alive as one can see in the soft glows shining through the ivy covered windows.

YoZakura (by Nya Alchemi) – In the late hours of the night, visit the Japanese Hanami Festival and dream…
Traveler behold As Midnight courts the Moon and Cherry blossoms dance

You can find the same list here, and by clicking any of the sim names you can get to the current store list for that sim.’

Applications for bloggers are open, so are applications for DJ’s and performers! Of course, to keep updated and…very important: learn all about the Relay For Life, the charity for which the Fantasy Faire is raising funds, check the official site!

Shortlinks for your convenience:
* Press Releases
* Relay For Life
* Blogger applications

*  Spinners (DJ) applications

See you at the Faire!


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  1. Softpaw says:

    I am so excited for the faire this year! Can not WAIT to see the sims and start photographing them!

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