Oh, I remember…

…arriving in Magnificat, being overwhelmed by its beauty….

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Magnificat - III

And how I woke up the next day in Titans Hollow…
Waking up in Titans Hollow

I remember the remembering…

Sweet Silent Thought - I

…and the celebrating on the Fairchylde….
Fantasy Faire party - II

…and how I always look forward to a new Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy Faire - Lacrimosa by Fallen Gods Inc.

This post is part of one of the Fantasy Faire Blogger Challenges, the Fairegrounds will open soon, 23 April and if you too are looking forward and remembering, you are welcome to participate in this blogger challenge (or any of the others).
All information on the challenges and more news about the Faire can be found on the official Fantasy Faire website.

Oh and by the way, blogger applications are still open!

See you at the Fantasy Faire?


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