A tail from another world

Fantasy Faire 2017

‘It’s useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one ‘ – Terry Pratchett

Today is the birthday of Terry Pratchett, the wonderful fantasy author of my favourite DiscWorld books, who passed away last month.
The Fantasy Faire is celebrating Terry Pratchett Day – with several events about which you can find all information here on this page!

A Tail in Another World - A blogpost

I decided to take the above quote and use it to show how I, as many of us, use Second Life – and this week the Fantasy Faire – to go to another world and watch ours from another perspective. Immersing in something different.Being a Mermaid is not something I do in SL (well, nor in real life for that matter) but the Fairelands Junctions underwater world just scream for Mermaids and Merman. So I put on my tail and took a dive…

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