For all those amazing people!

Fantasy Faire 2017

So, today I was really going to do a post with happy, cheerful stuff. I am still doing that! The thing is, after my first blog post on this site, I got stories, IM’s and emails. Of wonderful people in Second Life. New people and friends, sharing their experiences and thoughts not only about how cool the Fairelands are this time (again!) but also heartbreaking news about loved ones they lost and how much it means to them that the Faire is raising funds for the RFL.

Every sunrise is a new hope Every sunrise is a new hope

So while I was having a good time at the ‘Jail and Bail’ tonight, enjoying the singing of Max Kleene while he was ‘captured’ by the Faireland Security and could be ‘bailed out’ by donations to the Kiosk next to his cage….I read the stories I received.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Faireland Sherrif and Constable @ The Jail and Bail Fairelands Security!

Stories about loss but also about hope. About…

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