Fantasy Faire is open, come see the magic!

One of the best moments in my Second Life the past years, and 30 minutes ago,  have been for me: standing on one of the 11 Fantasy Faire sims, a few moments before opening…looking at the world map being as good as free of green dots, and then the countdown to opening.

It's open! Fantasy Faire 2015 - Fairelands Junction - I
The Fairelands Junctions, an underwater world with all portals to the rest of the faire
Fantasy Faire 2015 - Odyssey - I
Odyssey – by Alia Baroque

I dunno.
It has a feel, a sensation…to share the excitement in the inworld groupchat in  the’Fantasy Faire Backstage group’, the ‘OMG people:,embrace for impact’ once the Fairelands got the ‘all clear and OPEN’ announcement and see the world map getting filled with them dots..allover.

It's Open! Fantasy Faire 2015 - Poseidons Abyss - I
Poseidons Abyss, the Arts and Entertainment sim

All of the sims are unique and amazing. The landscapers and builder delivered, once a again, places to discover, to be in awe, to shop, to immerse and to enjoy. And all for Relay For Life, please let’s not forget that!

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Sylvan of Spells - I
Sylvan of Spells, Merchants of Dreams

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