New blades ;)

A lovely evening in our Dojo tonight! Had some wonderful spars with Ratt and watched our two newest members (Micki and  Gihn) learning the basics :)

A lovely Mondaynight

Before I had to go to training in the Dojo, I did some ironing for the rest of the week.. Training was good,  good times!

Bloody blades

My way of unwinding after a long day tonight was sitting and watching Ratt, Lunita and Pilar fight :)            

Trainingnight, well…sort of!

Usually on the Wednesday evenings (22:00 CET) we have a recap of the grouptraining we had on the Monday. Last Monday we practiced for the upcoming CTF against the Yakuza Clan (mid March), which was great fun and very useful. Tonight Ratt had prepared a training in using the ‘specials’ in our swords, specifically when…

A night in the dojo

Some days are less exciting than others….today was a day without any adventures, but some nice chats and fights in our dojo. Oh well, I guess life must have its quiet days as well :)

Getting back slowly

Ahh, I never find it easy to get really back fast into the fighting when I have been travelling. Odd, as I have not been away that long ! Anyway, I enjoyed watching Ratt, Oki and Nikita fight in our dojo, watching spars always relaxes me :)       Even if you are not…

FFA Madness

Last night we had a full house, ehm…Dojo!, and went for a total mad FFA *Free for All*….great fun with  Mellow, Eve, Utakata, Dinah, Oki, Robroy & Ratt!  

Private training

A slow SL night, after an extremely busy RL working day! Karelia and I were privileged by getting a training for the two of us by Ratt… we know what we need to do all week……practice makes perfect!

A Piercing Heart – by Bert Jedburgh

Today I got a link to a machinima shot in Combat Samurai Island, the home of C:si (the combat system we use), made by Bert Jedburgh.It is a sort of love-story and pretty amazing, specially the soundtrack makes it great! Although the actual fighting that is showed is not really impressive (it is kind of…