It’s one of those nights. Too tired to stay awake and too tired to go to bed. What usually helps me relax on nights like this, is browse through my endless selection of photo’s I have taken in Second Life over the years and try to sort them a bit. I like to have them in folders, by subject or event, but lately my harddisk is one big pile of pictures without structure…ewww!

Note to self: clean up and organise this coming weekend!

Anyway, I found some lovely, perfectly random pics I took, just because it was a funny moment and  no particular reason. (Yeah well, ok..the one with Pep and his sheep was too easy :p.)
They all contain animals…so that makes a serie!


Who let the Flamingo out?




Ratt bewares of the dog
Pep with a wardrobe malfunction and a sheep..




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tem Haalan says:

    erm…… that’s a Fox :)

    1. looks like sheep to me….:p

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