Easter on ImperiuM Island

Thanks (not) to my busy schedule and travel last week, I had no time to decorate my Linden Egg in time for the BunnyJam Contest…aw!

But to get our sim a bit in the holiday spirit of Easter (read: another excuse to go shopping and finding nice decorations!) I put some Easter-decorations at the Landing point at in the main entrance of the dojo.

I think I will leave it to this, as we don’t want too many prims and scripts…but gawd was I tempted to get more of those beautiful crafted decorations at MB Creationz!

Easter 'chat-set' at landing point
At the main entrance

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  1. MB does such great stuff <333 The club is packed with stuff by her. Looks great Cait!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your sim does indeed look great Caity. Good work under the time crunch pressure.

    I want to wish you a happy Easter! I don’t know if you “do” jelly beans in NL (my personal favorites) or how the holiday is celebrated. You know how insular we Americans are! :-)

    You’ve been a little scarce here and inworld lately. I hope RL is treating you well.

    Perhaps some bloody katana battles are in your near future?

    (Oh yes, this DOES constitute my regular installment of hate-filled drivel on your blog! I’ve punched the time clock on this with one.)

    Oh in the endless chattering behind your back that I do, I want you to know that your blog is being routinely slammed for being one of the best one’s out there! International acclaim kiddo!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I posted the above as “anonymous?” LoL. NO ONE would EVER be able to suss out who that was who typed it!

    One question: Why is my avatar picture here green with wings and wiry hair? Is that a comment by you, huh, huh?

    It’s that jealousy thing about our affairs with Pep, isn’t it? Bish…

    1. LOL!
      Thanks for the compliments Ms Anonymous!

      Ah yes, the monster. Actually, I have set it to ‘appoint random avatar to posters’…..so blame the machine for that, although it is kinda funny!!

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