Split Screen

Nope, this post is not about using online social media on splitscreens (as Hootsuite or Splitweet) but about an art installation called Split Screen, meaning two art installations on a sim.

On arrival you are advised to set your world to midnight, for full enjoyment! I did and explored the two (hence the Split) works of art. They are interactive, so I had some fun sitting on stuff, falling down a couple of hundred meters on the “Mind the Gap”  and walked on the bottom of the “Second Pond”- being followed by shiny, swimming creatures.

The photo’s I made don’t do the experience justice! It’s nicer in the real pixel!

"Mind the Gap"
On my way to the Second Pond
Exploring the Second Pond

Also, this visit proved Second Life is a small world! Whilst I was sitting at Split Screen, next to the landing point – writing and preparing this blog post – a visitor landed next to me. It was Lusus Saule.  After a ‘hi’ we both said (almost simultaneously): Um, I know your name..but from where and what? Well…the old GD Forum! Hehe! We had a nice chat, Lusus is not getting the hang of the new forum and neither do I, but we may meet again soon either on a forum or inworld…a small world!

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