Skin and Shape Expo 2011

Usually I am not a fan of Expo’s in SL, they tend to be overcrowded and extremely laggy – making it impossible to walk around and have a good look.

However, I tried the Skin and Shape Expo 2011 (runs till 20 May)and was pleasantly surprised…Almost no visitors, all rezzed fairly quick and hardly any lag! Yay!

Not that I was in need for a new skin, or shape, but it is always nice to see what the latest skins look like. An Expo of this kind is great when you are looking for something new, as all creators are nicely lined up and you can make good comparisons.

I tried a few demo’s..and oh well…Yes, I got a new skin! After more than 2 years in my Belleza Elle Fair, I found one I like as much. Not sure if I will keep wearing the eyes that came with it, but the skin looks good and I particularly like the ‘smokey eye’ make-up! It  came with said eyes,  a cleavage/non cleavage option, an open mouth with teeth (eww!!) and eye-brows (hairbase layer)

Caity does not look completely different, I did not change my shape, which is always important to me.

  • Skin –  * Cashmere* Twogue Latte Viral – with cleavage
  • Hair – W&Y New 92
  • Top –  Leezu Van Elizabeta

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