Goodbye to Meiji

The Meiji sim has always been in SL ever since I started katana-fighting in 2008. It was a public combatsim, open to all and run and owned  by Domokun, who has spent a lot of his money and time in this to create a gathering place for clans and ronin.

I remember having my very first spar on Meiji, wich was a high platform at that time, in the sky. Later the sim was redecorated and sparring mats were on a hill, surrounded by mountains and the flags of all clans at the side. We were, as ImperiuM, very proud when our flag was placed in August 2009, when we became an official C:si clan!

Anyway…times change, economy changes, people change and the time has come that Domo has decided – for reasons he only knows in detail and we have to respect that –  to stop with Meiji and close it down. I am sure the place will be missed by a lot of enthusiastic fighters, myself included.

Saturday, a month before Meiji will stop to exist – a group of regular fighters held a huge party – ongoing in all time zones – to celebrate the past years and pay respect to the place we all enjoyed. Sad yes, but isn’t it better to celebrate what has been than to cry over what is no longer there?

Thanks to Domo for keeping the place up for so long and thanks JulieAnne for managing and being the communicator!

Good fights!

Some pics of the Closing Party, 25 June 2011:

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  1. JulieAnne Rau says:

    On behalf of Domokun and myself, thank-you for this posting. We appreciate your kind words and understanding. Most people forget that real money goes into keeping up a SIM and Meiji’s closures was not economical. Meiji was last designed as a high-speed and low-lag CSI Combat SIM, as we felt there was a need for this type of CSI combat SIM. As people pointed out to me, it’s not built for everyone and they are right, it’s not. It was built foe those that wish to develop there CSI gaming skills in a controlled environment. We have learned a lot from providing this type of SIM and will be incorporating it, into our next project. Again, thanks for the Great Post.

    JulieAnne Rau

    1. Hi JulieAnne! Thanks for your reply! :). As I wrote, I don’t know all the details of the closure and the reasons, so thank you very much for your brief explanation. For me, this post was a well meant ‘goodbye’ and and very big “thanks” for letting us play on that sim! !am looking forward to the next project :))
      See you soon, you know you are always welcome in ImperiuM for some spars ;))

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