[LeeZu] – Five Item Contest

Thanks to a tweet from Argus this morning, I found out about this really cool photo contest by one of my favourite shops: [LeeZU]!

Usually I am not at all into contests of any kind in SL, specially not photo-competitions – as they tend to be popularity contests, rather than a real competition. Anyway! This one is different. All you have to do is wear five items from [LeeZu] and take a pic. It’s not about the quality of the photo, you may submit a simple screenshot. As long as you are wearing the 5 items from LeeZu (eyes, hair and jewelry excluded!). For full details I suggest you go to the main store and grab the official notecard with instructions!

Once you enter and the outfit is checked, you already won something! You may then choose a nice piece of clothing in a colour of your choice, from a list that is in the notecard. The grand prize is a photo shoot, your pic in the store and on their website and more clothing.

Sooooo, I went through my inventory and managed to dress myself up in the mandatory 5 LeeZu pieces, took a nice picture and sent it to Barbara Nicholls:

Mixed and Matched...well, sort of

Within 2 hours I got a very nice IM from Barbara that my entry was approved and will be going for the Grand Prize (heh!) and since it was according the rules I could pick something from the list. Yay!
I already had a peek in the shop this morning, so that was easy: I choose the Arabesque Blouse in Pink – which I received immediately! Double yay!

I feel pretty!

You can still enter the contest, closing date is 15 July and the winner of the Grand Prize will be announced on the 16th. But hey..I already feel a winner, it was fun going through my stuff, making the picture AND getting a lovely blouse for free!

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  1. What a fun outfit, Cait! Mine was a mash-up of various pink things. I guess I should post it somewhere and I chose the Baby Pink Courtisane Lingerie. Good Luck to all.. fun contest!

    1. Ty! I just saw yours via twitter :p. Looking good! It is a fun contest indeed, as I was determined to only use stuff I already had, and not buying new ..haha! I managed!
      Oh their lingerie is amazing :). In fact, I like most of the outfits….”))

  2. What a shame. Personally I have alts that stay fairly quiet unless needed to help with permissions checking or battles for fun to be fought with weapons. I would not shut any of them down. They all reflect a part of my psyche that needs expressing at times. OTOH, you are stimulating the SL Economy so you go girl;-)

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