The Tower of Meditation

Meditation and me. Why not? I never tried it in RL, so I thought…let’s try it in Second Life! After some searching I ended up at the Skystage Cathedral where one will also find the “Tower of Meditation”. As the name says: it is a tower indeed! A high one!

As I had some trouble finding the right teleporter to bring me to the top, above the clouds (I ended up in a club, the Cathedral and whatnot), there was only one option left: the 700 steps staircase. Gah!

The Tower of Meditation

But, no turning back, I was determined to go meditate and find me some peace and quiet, so I ran upstairs – did not even fell off!! – and completely dizzy and disoriented I arrived at the top! View? Not so much, as it is high. LOL. I sat down on a meditation-cushion and played with some skysettings. The music was odd, I expected some dreamy new-age tunes, but had to settle for 70’s German songs. Oh well. Breathe in….breathe out….(thinking about the stairs and the comfort of being able to just TP home…oooowwww..yeah…..)

do I look relaxed already?


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