Adieu Linden Home

After having lived in various Linden Homes the last year, and really enjoyed most of the time and the houses, I found it was time to move on to a bigger plot and a different environment. Also, I got a bit annoyed with finding people in my house when logging in, that were not even chatty or friendly but just slept on my sofa or on my mattress and did not say a word. In best cases they vanished upon my arrival and in worst cases I had to kick them out. Weird, but ok. Part of the Linden Home experience I suppose :).

So, I have flown around on mainland sims for a week or two, in search of a nice parcel that I would like to call my home. This week I found it! A 1024 m plot, directly on a public Linden Road and the other side to the Linden Ocean. A bit of a challenge in terraforming, as it is kind of steep from the road to the ocean, but not too difficult and with some creative decoration I thought I could work with this.

To be honest, there is a small parcel in between mine and the ocean, my neighbour runs a bait-shop and has a waterplane and some boats/yachts. I liked the style of his builds (he has several parcels on the sim – in fact I bought mine from him) so I kept my ground level a bit in the same style as his – he already told me he was happy with that:).

I placed a (very!) small beach house from {What’s Next} on the ground level and some plants and trees. The beach – as it is near the road and the path to the bait shop runs next to mine – I will keep open to public as a kind of park/public beach for all to enjoy.
My real home is a skybox,  I already had in my inventory for 2 years!, I rezzed it up pretty high, so  I have my piece of ‘privacy’, as far as that exists in Second Life :).

It is fun and I enjoy decorating the place, I think I will stay here for a while!

My mini-beach house!
Linden Road directly behind my beach house
View from the Linden Ocean

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  1. colleen Criss says:

    Love the new blog look ! New home looks great. I hope you have hours of enjoyment with it!!

  2. Lovely Cait! I’m going to drop a palm on ya as a housewarming gift!

  3. Aww thanks Ladies!
    @colleen, I like the new look and feel of your blog too :) WP has some really nice lay-outs lately!
    @Argus, ooh…thankies..I saw in my email you dropped a tree on me…will login asap to check !
    @Sylvia, heh…for some reason I am not surprised, seeing our shopping habits are pretty similar…Hang on, you are not my alt aren’t you? :p

  4. Ty :)
    And oh yeah..I know. I have been there and done it all, from a rental-flat to a small private island to a quartersim and later a whole sim…Then downsized to nothing for a while, lived in the dojo (for our clan we own a whole sim which I use to play with terraforming and all ;)) and then I tried the Linden Home to have something for myself – read: to go to when our sim is restarting or just a place to login to and handle IM’s and stuff. I have some other small pieces of mainland, but I let friends use those for lil shops or stuff, 512m parcels. This is the first one on mainland I use for myself to live on and yeah, I thought it was pretty cool to have a parcel next to Linden Road and Linden Ocean :).

  5. Venus says:

    Cait: What a lovely parcel and the little home is perfect! I hope that you enjoy your mainland experience. I have been on mainland now for nearly one year and love it.

    1. Thanks Venus :) I think I will enjoy this. As said in another reply, I have had homes on private island and have parcels on mainland – but never for residential use. So this is quite an experience and sofar it seems wonderful. I do feel I am lucky with my parcel being so close to the ocean and bordering the linden road.
      Oh, and I discovered…the sim is on the edge of mainland..I really live on the end of the world! Whoa!

  6. Ishtara says:

    You know that if you pay tier for a 1024 sqm plot, you can own up to 1536 sqm without additional tier costs? 512 sqm are free for premium account holders, so if you sold your Linden Home, you might as well purchase a 512 sqm plot near your parcel. The land doesn’t have to be adjacent; as long as both parcels are in the same sim, it will increase your prim count (meaning that you get 1.5 times as many prims on your 1024 sqm plot).

    1. Hi Ishy!
      Yep I know, but I have only 256 m left at this moment, without having to tier up, after abandoning my Linden home and getting this 1024 plot (I pay the 26,86 USD per month for 4.096 m). So I may sell one of my other 512m parcels eventually, but at this point it’s fine with me. It’s always a bit tricky to keep the sqm just in the tier-amount, luckily I managed sofar !

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