The awful ‘edit’ option…

I have entertained myself on my new land and did some serious decorating! For now I am happy enough with the ground level, as it looks kinda cute and I managed to keep it low-prim as well.

My sky-loft was a bit more tricky. I am not a great builder (one would think I have learned something in my 4 years by now…) and in my enthusiasm I apparently rezzed the home with one little piece over the border into Linden Land. Ahem. So that one piece of wall kept coming back to my lost and found.
Of course in all my wisdom I had somehow unlinked the complete structure (gawd I am sooo good!), so it took me a lot of time to get things back in place AND on my own parcel. To add to the joy: the unlinking and linking also messed up the scripts for the changing of windows and wallpaper….arrgghh…but with the help of a lot of coffee and persistence I  eventually repaired that! Yay for me!

All sorted, time to blog!

I should, in future, stick to what I do best: landscaping, terraforming, buying pretty things and preferably not touch buildings other than to rezz them.
Note to self: next time call Ratt…:)

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  1. Good practice, Cait. Hubby & I were going to make our SL book title, :Honey, I took the House” but decided there are even better ones we have not penned yet. ;-)

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