Viewer update: that went well!

When logging in today, I got the message for a Viewer update. Not having anything urgent to do, I gave it a go.

When I came online, all I saw was some prims I was wearing and my avatar was missing. As in gone. Not visible! Heh!
What a shame, because I think the last time I logged off, I really looked lovely!


No panic though, I have seen this glitch before and simply changing hair and a teleport fixed me :).


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  1. OMG I have seen that and have pictures somewhere that prove it too. This newb stopped into our club the other day wearing only a name tag but was visible when I highlighted transparent. I said you are wearing an invisi-prim he said yes and what is your name? I said it is on my tag and right next to what I am typing lol. He left.

  2. haha, yeah…that happens after some years…seen all the bugs and glitches (well lots anyway) so yups: pics first, fix later!

    Viewer eh? I only use Viewer 2 from LL :)).

  3. bee says:

    aaaah lol :D
    well, at least you had a good hair day! :p

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