Second Life Railroad – Do the locomotion

Last night Ratt and I tried to spar some, but were obviously both not in the right mood.

We needed to get out a bit, so I showed him my new home on the mainland and when we went for a walk on the Linden Road we discovered Spangle Station, really nearby my house! Spangle Station is one of the stations in the Second Life Rail Road (SLRR) tracks and Ratt happened to have a nice train in his inventory (of course, who doesn’t?!). He rezzed it and off we went, for a nice trip over the Mainland by train. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and it was a lovely evening. We drove for about 2 hours and meanwhile had some chats and enjoyed the view! I never knew how cool this was…..!

From the wiki: The Second Life Railroad ( SLRR ) runs over more than 80 Regions on the Heterocera Atoll (Northern) Continent. More than 20 Regions have branch lines extended out from the Heterocera Main line. Branch lines include the Maritime Line, the North Coast Line, the Mountain Line and the North Line. Track-laying and maintenance are provided by Michael Linden and the Linden Department of Public works LDPW.

Spangle Station

The occasional lag and simborder-crossings were not too bad. We both crashed once, for me no big deal but Ratt as Operator of the train had to literally run and hop on the train to get back in, when he got back online – which was actually quite hilarious and I had to laugh so loud it gave me the hiccups (sorry Ratt!)! On two sims the train went faster than my hair..meh I almost had a deja vu of my hair ending up between my legs (2007, anyone?) but all in all it was great and I can certainly recommend this trip.

Pit stop at Foxglove Station

We did the North Coast Branch Line and another piece, for more information the Wiki on SLRR is great, it includes all stations, maps and lines and some background information. On most stations you can rezz a free train!

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  1. Venus says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the ride! I have been on the rails, too, and thoroughly enjoy it! I hope that your elbow is feeling better.

    1. Hi Venus, yeah it was fun and as we discovered: a cool way to sit down and let the land pass by, look around you while having conversations that need some pauses :). Very relaxing!

      Ah the elbow :) It is much better thanks! A bit overshadowed by my tooth-drama, but after a week on drugs I see the clouds dissapear and all is getting better!

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