The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse

Last night, just before I was going to try to get some dinner (I still can’t chew without pain, so I am not looking forwards to eating..), I got an IM from Don. He and his friends were sitting and chatting in their hangout ‘The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse’ and listening to Amy Winehouse songs. If I wanted to join them? Well yeah! I like Amy Winehouse every now and then (not all her songs, but some are really great) and I could use some entertainment. Besides it is always nice to meet new people, although I was not feeling particularly social, due to my ordeals last week. Heh!

It was nice and relaxing and we sat there with a bunch of people, I only knew Don and his partner Grazia (- know her from Plurk – a Dutch girl – one of my favourite fashionbloggers btw!) and we chatted and listened to the music. Very enjoyable evening and a very nice place too!

The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse
Hanging out

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grazia says:

    It was fun indeed! I had a lovely time, too. Great company!!

  2. Don Mill says:

    Loved the chance to see you in world again Cato!

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