Happy Feet!

Heh, no..I am not referring to that great movie and I did not change my avatar into a Penguin!

This morning, when teleporting around for no particular reason, I dropped by at Maitreya Gold and was delighted to find out they now also have bare feet! I already got their flip-flops lately, and was very happy that they did fit my skin and shape very easily, so of course I needed the simple bare feet as well! After all, I have a beach…and it is supposed to be summer, so kick off those high heels!

They have two version, normal feet and tip toe – I only got the normal (flat) feet. The hud is simple and has a nice variety of nailcolours. Included in the package was a list with skins, and mine was on it…so in a couple of minutes I had adjusted the colour of the feet to match my Belleza Elle Fair skin! Yay! Also, with a click on a button..you can lower the effect of the line you often see between the ankle and the leg. It is not gone, but good enough. And with the ankle bracelets you can cover up the last bit if you like. Toe-ring is optional.

So I took a break on my sofa and admired my new feet! Am happy!

Being lazy
Pretty seamless and colour is perfect!
Err..I may need a bath later...

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