This afternoon I visited Artarra (A) – a sim filled with flowers, trees, birds and surrounded by huge snowy mountains. A lovely place to hangout and explore. There is, besides the meadows filled with colourful flowers also a cave and a tropical-jungle-like beach.

It started raining when I was there, figures! But luckily I was prepared!

This made me all happy!
Tweet tweet!!
Cave with romantic spots
Never leave home without an umbrella!

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  1. Ishtara says:

    Aww, those tits are gorgeous! I love tits :)

    1. Yeah, aren’t they adorable? They fly around and make a cute sound!

  2. thanks ;)
    Oh me a blonde…yah, sometimes. And sometimes it’s pink, or platinum white, or black….hehe!

  3. Venus says:

    Ahh, no wonder I missed this Cait. I was on a beach holiday! Thanks again for the LM :) I still have to find that cave.

    1. Yw Venus!
      Was fun to meet you in the pixel, even if it was short!
      The cave….entrance in on the beach, close to where you landed with my LM, just walk (or in my case: fall and roll) down and you will find it!

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