A Flirty Dress

All my plans and schedules for Saturday went ….wrong! Hah. I was hoping to have some time to explore and fly around a bit, but oh well….real life and all!

But..in the short time I was online, I found some wonderful places and since I have another week off from work, I will have plenty of time to explore and blog!
Ow, I found the cutest dress this afternoon, at GizzA Creation, called: Flirty Dress. I just love the colours and textures of it – plus I did not need to resize the belt or skirt, which I usually have to do! GizzA has lots of fantastic outfits, I really fell for their style, so I will need to go back there too…oh, busy busy busy!


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  1. Her catsuits are very cool too. My ski-jumping alt, Jinx has one and it looks great on her.

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