Platinum Hunt – preview JustB

A blog about a hunt? Heh, that’s quite out of character for me, as I do not ‘hunt’. I am too lazy usually and can’t be bothered to go through all the searching for objects in stores. Being a spoiled girl, I just buy what I want…

The Platinum Hunt is an exception, even to my rules! It is organised by CHIC Management and he 102 participating designers are the best brands in Second Life and they have all made a special creation for this hunt. As this is about quality clothing and accessories, the ‘gifts’ are not free but will cost 10 L$. Which is really cheap, considering what we can expect to get! A complete list with LM’s to the shops can be found on the CHIC Management blog.

The Platinum Hunt starts 12 August at 4PM SLT and ends 31 August, and THIS is what you are looking for..:)

The lovely bee Baroque, from JustB, is one of the participants and she was so kind to send me a preview package of what’s in her (new!) main store for the Platinum Hunt – a brand new design that would normally cost about 400 LS! I was delighted when I tried it on.

It is a top and a skirt. Actually 2 skirts, nice for variety. I like the colours and the textures of both the top and skirts! I combined it with my Maitreya Shanti Golden Khaki shoes and the hair is [Shag] Bombshell Mystic.


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  1. bee baroque says:

    …so how do i do this then; do i “like”, “love” or “poke”? LOL :p
    absolutely fabulous, caitlin, i am loving it! \o/
    and nice touch with the maitreya shoes :)
    thankyouthankyouthankyou for blogging my stuff, and for the very kind words – right back atcha! \o/


  2. Oooooooooooooooooo a hunt!! Thanks for the 411 and very cute by clever B;-) So it was a 24 hour blonde then? lol <3

    1. Yeah, Argus…we don’t want to miss this hunt!
      Oh 24 hours blonde? LOL.
      I was making pics of this outfit, and to be honest…the platinum-blonde hair took away the attention of the outfit which in this case is the main topic :)
      So I changed it to darker, to make sure this set looks its best on pic.

      Isnt it wonderful to just change the color of your hair to match your outfit ? hehe!

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