Alice: Madness Returns

‘Ow well..another Alice in Wonderland inspired sim’, that’s what I thougth when I decided to visit: Alice, Madness Returns.

But to be honest, this is a different kind! Very much Burton-like and wicked. Not the sweetness of other sims about this little girl in her blue dress and no nice cat either!

It’s a bizarre place, but amazing! It is adult-rated because there are some shops that sell sex-furniture, but if you are not interested in that part you can easily avoid them. I loved the colours and the sculptures and really enjoyed exploring this very cool place! Oh, and this I don’t say often: the freebies at the landing point are seriously worthwhile!!

Oh hello there Alice......
What a sweet kitty....!
Time for Tea

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  1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

    Lol .. not quite based on Tim Burton’s work ( looking darkly simular though ).

    This sim, by your pictures, appears to be based on American McGee’s Alice.

    Might be a copyright infriction, I’m afraid.

    1. Hey Wil, thanks for the link, I never heard of that before. I just think it is a nice place to explore :)

  2. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

    Hey CaTo ;)

    Have fun exploring then as long as it’s there for I don’t believe it can last as long as these items are not created by American McGee himself.

    I think the copyright even resides with Electronic Arts because they distribute the game and own exclusive rights by McGee.

    You mentioned themed freebies ( sculpties ?) you found there. I don’t know exactly about those but I am sure LL will take action if something alike is constructed with meshes. Something they are frantic to avoid in case of legal liabilities.

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