Mount Rushmore

In 1999 I made a wonderful road trip in the USA, from Colorado via Utah to Montana and I-don’t-know-how-many states. I have fond memories of Yellowstone NP, what an amazing place.

Also, since we were driving along and it was not a fully planned trip, at some point decided it would be cool to see Mount Rushmore. Knowing it only from books and television, we thought it would be worthwhile a day driving to South Dakota. The trip was – as I recall – quite boring. Something with endless wastelands, rain and horrible (country – gah!!) music on all radio stations. Anyway, we got there and even found a motel near the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, so we had a good sleep and got up early to see the four Presidents carved out in the mountains.
Heh. My first reaction was – and my apologies if I offend my USA readers – “Uh, I thought it was huge. It is small! We have been tricked all those years on tv and in the books!”. I found it disappointing.

So far my RL experience with Mount Rushmore (been there, done that and yes I even got the t-shirt!).

In Second Life you can also visit this Memorial! No days long driving and no rainy wastelands, but just a teleport away! Yay!
Also, it looks big! Huge! Just how I always imagined it would be!

Actually I find it pretty cool to visit a place in SL that I have seen in RL as well, comparison is not always fair, and yes…I really like this place, it is well made and gives a nice idea of the real one. Click here for a SLURL to Mount Rushmore in Second life and enjoy :).


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  1. Sansarya Caligari says:

    Yeah, thanks for virtually glorifying American graffiti in the sacred lands of the Lakota Nation.

    1. Pep says:

      I enjoyed the movie.

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