Lost in RL

Due to not-so-funny events happening in my RL this week, I have found it very hard to keep up my blog and even worse: I could not bring myself to login into SL. Yep, RL always comes first, as I say to lots of people when they are absent for a while, but this time it is apparently my turn.

I will be back very, very soon, I am sure – maybe even tonight. I actually miss SL and the distraction it gives me!

I have been online briefly this weekend and toyed around with some new Mesh-clothing. A lovely pair of shorts from Jane and gorgeous mesh-boots from Lelutka. See pics, I will add SLURL’s when online later :)

(pose by: Geez)


6 thoughts on “Lost in RL

  1. Cute look, Cait. Unfortunately until mesh is stable in the Firestorm viewer, if anyone wears mesh in SL,it will look wonky. I saw someone at CTUG last week who looked like a small white pea (Nacy). I asked her ‘wtf’ and, turns out she was in a mesh cat avatar getup. Get out!


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