Lost in RL

Due to not-so-funny events happening in my RL this week, I have found it very hard to keep up my blog and even worse: I could not bring myself to login into SL. Yep, RL always comes first, as I say to lots of people when they are absent for a while, but this time it is apparently my turn.

I will be back very, very soon, I am sure – maybe even tonight. I actually miss SL and the distraction it gives me!

I have been online briefly this weekend and toyed around with some new Mesh-clothing. A lovely pair of shorts from Jane and gorgeous mesh-boots from Lelutka. See pics, I will add SLURL’s when online later :)

(pose by: Geez)

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  1. Pep says:

    Are those carpet burns on your knees or did you fall off yor bike again?

    1. Actually, how did you guess that right? One knee is carpet burn and the other from a bike accident!

  2. Venus says:

    Cute look, Cait. Unfortunately until mesh is stable in the Firestorm viewer, if anyone wears mesh in SL,it will look wonky. I saw someone at CTUG last week who looked like a small white pea (Nacy). I asked her ‘wtf’ and, turns out she was in a mesh cat avatar getup. Get out!


    1. Aw Venus, so you miss out on all the mesh-love! Guess it’s pointless to advise you Viewer 3? LOL. I am sure the TPV’s will move on fast, they have to!

  3. Hope things get better in all lives. We went to the NanoSim tonight and it was wonderful although very glowy;-) Got some good shots using Ia fun filter.
    <3 cute britches!.

    1. W00t, yeah the Nano-stuff is pretty but glowy..lol! Cool you liked it :)
      The rl-stuff will need some time to settle down, I am sure it will be fine soon…

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