Burn 2 – Rites of Passage

Yay! The Annual Burn 2 Event has started yesterday! I always enjoy the Burn 2 – formerly known as Burning Man 2 – as it has wonderful displays of Hot Art, cool parties with dj’s and it is a nice place to meet people. The location is, as ever, in a hot burning desert – covering 4 sims –  and nearly all displays feature heat, fire and happiness. A perfect place to relax, listen to the music and make photo’s.

I was looking for a party, there is always something going on, but for some reason the only event that was going on…I could not enter. I was’not on the access list’ for that parcel. Odd, I always thought Burn 2 was for all, but oh well.. Things have changed a bit since this Annual Event is no longer organised and sponsored by Linden Lab. So I wandered around a bit and had a good time anyway. Maybe on my next visit I will find a place to dance that will allow me in!

You can find more information and background on the official Burn 2 website, the event takes place from 1-9 October, so plenty of time to go and have fun.

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  1. Oh yeah, when I was there it was only this one (closed) party and the rest was pretty empty, so no lag. It’s always a lag-fest, but worth it anyway :)

  2. CiCi says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Burn 2. Also, great pics, as always. I also am impressed at your dedication to posting to your blog. It is a lot of work and a commitment! I’m finding with my poor abandoned blog that I don’t have the motivation you have. So I appreciate even more that you do. I’ve been to more places thanks to your work and so I am enjoying the little time I have in SL all the more. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the compliments CiCi :).
      I do admit that the last week I have not kept up, for the first time this year…uh oh, what will happen with my ‘ postaday commitment’ !
      I usually have, and this is a secret……, several blogposts ready in draft, for when I am travelling or otherwise not able to post. WordPress even lets me ‘ schedule’ which is a great feature, posts will pop online on any desired time and date.
      However, even my stock of blogposts was dried up, and when I was in the UK last week I just did not had the energy – nor the posibility to go inworld to make pics.

      I will do my best from now on, as the real life dust is settling, to post daily again!

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