La Galleria

Looking for an evening/afternoon of endless (window)shopping, but not in the mood for hair or shoes (yes, it happens!) I went to La Galleria. Four sims filled with houses, from the cutest cottages to huge, impressive mansions created by Pamela Galli.

And since one does not want to live in an empty home, La Galleria also has a variety of furniture, so basically all you need to get sorted and make yourself at home in SL!

Now, I was not really looking for a new house, I just managed to rez one on my land and am not planning to switch soon, but I always enjoy looking at what other people create and like to be amazed.

I was! It felt a bit as if I was snooping around in people’s homes..hehehe, since all homes on display are furnished (well the ones I went in) and it is fun to see complete dinner tables, equipped kitchens and bedrooms with beds that make feel you sleepy on the spot!

Next time I feel like redecorating my land..I will for sure go back and try some more homes!

Oh, and after walking for hours….I found a nice bottle of wine, some cheese and a comfy sofa, perfect for a little aftershopping-nap…

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  1. Venus says:

    Oh Cait those photos are wonderful! I have made a note to visit Pam’s sims. I love the last ‘exhausted’ shot. :)

  2. Oh, Caity, you’ve done a beautiful job. Lovely pics.

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