The Drill Factory

Unlike the name may suggest, there is no drill to be found – nor a factory – on this happy, bright sim!

The Drill Factory is a store that sells a variety of cheerful items, such as a huge 100 piece jigsaw puzzle and a 109 prims Circus! All placed in a huge globe, filled with bright stars and moons (oh and a cute rocket you can fly on)!
On the ground (in the globe) there is a magical dancefloor with some romantice dances for couples. Just lovely!

109 prims Circus
Huge jigsaw puzzle
My kinda Rocket!
Magical dancefloor

(for these images I put my graphics on Ultra – in low or medium the place does not sparkle! – draw distance to 800 meter  and used Analutetia’s Windlightsetting: AvatarOpt-Whiter. No photoshopping done)

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