Smile, you are in Waterhead!

Just a typical Sunday afternoon in  Waterhead Welcome Area, where I parked myself for a bit – minding my own business and occasionally chatted with some new arrivals.

New Resident: I see smiles allover
Me: Yes, isn’t it lovely, we are a happy, friendly bunch here in Waterhead!

New Resident: and I see a lot of pervs too!
Me: Ah yes, unfortunately you will encounter those too, just be careful what you share in SL.

New Resident: I do not like the buggers
Me: No, nobody likes those. Best is to keep smiling and ignore them!

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  1. LOL we go to Ahern a bit and do similar stuff but your presentation is priceless!

    1. Heh. Typical annoying little Griefer it was. I did not even got a chance to AR it, it was gone in a couple of minutes. Waterhead is bordering some Linden-lands and often Lindens hang out there, so it is not the smartest thing to particle-grief overthere…hehe.

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