Tyrehl Byk’s “Catharsis”

It does not happen often that I am totally immersed and off the real world by something that happens in Second Life. In fact, I think it never happened to me.

Till last night…..

I went to see Tyrehl Byk’s “Catharsis” on LEA and had a most wonderful experience, completely unexpected as I thought I was ‘going to look at an art installation’.

What is it?
In short, because I feel words cannot really describe this: you take a seat, follow the instruction in  the notecard you receive upon arrival (do NOT click this away, keep it and read it) and then you are watching and listening as if you are in one of those 3D movietheaters. The combination of the music and the images/particles that are presented will sweep you away. Really!
You will not see the other visitors, I was there with about 35 other people, but forgot they were there and since you sit there is no lag.
I must add, I watched this using my headset (on a higher volume than usual) and on a pretty large screen, I guess this made it even more intense.
The whole experience takes 30 minutes, there have a schedule – so it is -recommended to first take a look for the time of the next show and plan it for yourself!

Switch off your phones, shut the door, send everybody away for 30 minutes and enjoy the ride!

Tyrehl Byk, chatting with audience after the show

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