Bite me!

So, I have learned this week, on the official SL Forum, that being a Vampire is all the rage. Encouraged by all these fantastic stories I could not stay behind – trying to be a real SL fashionista is hard work – one has to keep up with the hot trends!

I gave it some thoughts though, as usual, because well there seem to be Vampires and Vampires. I am told not all run around in black capes and red bra’s – shouting VLAH!, so I figured I could create my own fashionable fang-look!

To be honest. I am not so sure about the whole thing. Fangs do not become me. In fact, I think they make me look silly. But at least I tried, you can’t blame me for not following the trends! Ha! Um…I mean: VLAH!


My gorgeous Vampire outfit consists of:

Foxy Fashion Vampire Love Bite Fangs (they come with emoter hud!!!)
*BOOM* Everyday Tank (snow)
Yve Pants – plain blue by LeeZu!
{mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Navy 2
Arabesque Blouse  /blue by LeeZu!
“”D!va”” Hair “Ema2” (Cat’s eye)
[Gos] Platform Pump – Blue/Black
Pose: Glitterati Iced (including Diamonds)

Location: Daytime Dreams

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