Ordinary Life

Although most of the pics on my blog may give the impression I am always completely dressed up, fashionable and wandering around in exotic places..that is not quite the truth.
Yeah, I do explore a lot, I try to find a cool place every other day – but most of my travels I do in the weekends, when it is quiet and not many friends are online. Strange, some people seem to have a Real Life in the weekends..I wonder how that must be.

Anyway, usually I hang out in our Dojo and spar/fight. Or I am doing some landscaping on the sim, moving trees and grass around the place and fiddle with rivers and mountains!
When working on the sim, I never use fancy windlightsettings. I only push the draw distance up for good overview. And when sparring…well, there goes the glamorous life: graphics to low, drawdistance to 55 meters and simple clothes, fight hair (not flexi) and no scripted items/no AO.

I think that is why I enjoy making nice pics when exploring, with all the bells and whistles, because in the daily business on ImperiuM Island I do not (or hardly) see SL in all it’s beauty!

Tonight I sparred with Ratt, and to give an idea (unfortunately I can’t make pics while fighting) this is how I look and what I see on a fightnight. Lovely noob-stand – as no AO, and a bit dull in broad daylight. Heh. I took this pic in a break, Ratt is wearing our uniform..I could not get mine on, as my inventory would not load. Sigh.

Having a break

After some great fights, Ratt suggested we would go visit a place to look at people. He wanted to go to…..Bloodlines! Wah! I have never been there, and well…with all the kerfuffle on the forum the last weeks I was – I admit – a little bit curious! So off we went, looking for vampires! (well, I suspect Ratt just wanted to look at barely dressed, sexy girls, but shhh…).

Ratt gave me a tour, and showed me the shops and all. It’s huge! It felt a bit unheimish, so I thought it was safest to stay close behind Ratt….ya never know!
I have to say, we did not get one bite-request and nobody bothered us.

Hiding behind Ratt....

Because of the lag my AO did not work, so I ran around noob-style. Gah. It was interesting, but no. I am not going to be a Vampire (nor is Ratt by the way), I think I will stick to katana fighting and one day…..I may even kill Ratt! With  my blade, no fangs needed. Ha!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ratt says:

    Well what an interesting write up, not sure ‘unheimish’ is a word though..

    Anyone interested in learning Katana Sparring is always most welcome to come along to Imperium Island. Where you will receive a warm welcome. Do not think of it as a form of combat. It is so much more than that and is more a dance than a battle!

    1. Unheimish is a word in my world :P. But Ratt, you are right: katana fighting is like dancing, not only cool to do but nice to watch too!

      And yeah, all are welcome !

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