Pets in SL, I don’t have them. Nor do we have animals in the wild on our sim or on my land. But I do like the occasional animal, when I encounter them on my virtual travels, unless they are noisy or talking nonsense.

Anyway! I was shopping around a couple of days ago and checked out D!va for some new hair (can’t have enough wigs!) – but it was extremely busy in the store. Something with a lucky-board and maybe 20 girls hanging around it waiting for their letter. Sigh. So I went for a walk on the sim, to see what else there was to discover.

What a lovely place! Lush green, trees and grass and some wonderful cosy cottages, in one of them a painters set with poses! And, a bit in the back of the park I found a picnicblanket with drunken squirrels! Too funny! Oh they have piggies too and sheep…it’s almost a farm. So, D!va is not only a hairshop (with great hair by the way!) but also a photogenic sim!

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  1. CiCi says:

    I think the squirrel’s picnic is from designer Julia Hathor and is available at her huge, multi-sim place, Creative Fantasy at Shadowbrook. Even if it isn’t, Julia has tons of stuff like that, plus houses, landscaping, textures, and you name it. The sim of her work is huge and fun to wander through and dangerous if you are into buying that sort of thing! :)

  2. Oh, I think I know Julia Hathor’s creations! I did not ‘inspect’ the squirrels…I just enjoyed watching them :)
    As with a lot of those kind of ‘decorations’ they are perfect on someone else’s land, they would probably freak me out on my own sim and end up in inventory real fast..LOL!

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