Enjoy Life..this is not a rehearsal

The title of this post is not just some quote I found on the internet, but the title of the art installation by Shellina Winkler on the MetaLES sim!
I went to visit this tonight and can recommend it! It moves, vibrates and can  make you dizzy at some point, but once you are used to it..it’s a cool experience. I did it in mouselook, as I found that easier to navigate, but then again: I am used to mouselook in fighting!

You go from Birth to Passion via hallways that spin around you, luckily there is a spot where you can use the meditation pose and relax a bit half way!
As with a lot of art that moves and changes textures, my photo’s don’t do it justice, so you really need to go see it for yourself..and …Enjoy Life, this is not a rehearsal!

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