C.c..c..c……C O L D !

On this cold and grey day I went to work on ImperiuM Island. Time to remove the autumn trees, the leaves and get rid of the cheerful green meadows, it is December and it is supposed to be ice-cold and snowy!

I found some wonderful snowy Oaks and an amazing ice-skating rink at Heart Garden Centre and after shopping there was no more excuse to sit about: at work!

It is not at all a punishment for me though, I absolutely enjoy transforming the sim every season and working with snowmounds, white grass and snowy rocks really brightened up my day! I usually ‘live’ in a quite bright setting (Ana.lu studio 5) but for landscaping and terraforming with snow I have to use sunset – to prevent snowblindness! (for the pics below I used several other settings)

As always: everyone is welcome to come over and run in the snow, iceskate or just sit and chill on the snowbeach next to the campfire!

Yay, all done! Time for some hot chocolate!

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  1. Venus says:

    Lovely, Caity! I can almost see my puffs of breath in the frosty air. +1 Kudo

    Whoops, wrong place. hehe

  2. Thanks L and Venus! Feel free to drop by anytime :) I tried the iceskating rink today and the ice is in perfect condition!

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