After almost 2 days of landscaping in the snow, I decided I deserved something pretty! Heh. Actually I just needed some sort of excuse to buy the amazing (mesh) Wellington’s from GOS!
Being Dutch and therefore familiar with wetlands and rain – I grew up wearing Wellies almost year round. Yes, I also had wooden clogs when I was a little Caity, but that is for another story.

The Wellington’s from GOS are available in lots of colors – plain or with funny, cheerful textures. You can buy the colors separately, a great system! Just wear your boots in the shop, buy the extra texture/colour and follow the instructions. I started off with a pink pair (yeah, surprising isn’t it?) and returned later to get the flower-texture, just because I like colourful things when running around in the snow!

Oooh, I am such a poser!
Yup, they make me happy!

And a close-up to show them off, the fun thing with Mesh boots like these is that they move with your feet. Specially when you pose or sit, they look really natural instead of the fixed feet in the usual primboots/shoes.

* First pic: Jeans from Trés Blah, Jacket from Dela, Location: ImperiuM Island
* Second pic: Jeans from Trés Blah, Jacket from Leezu
* Poses: Adorkable


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  1. Venus says:

    Caity, you are exceedingly adorkable in those poses!

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