What The …..Christmas Elf!

Every Christmas in Secondlife I like to dress myself up as Christmas Elf! Not Santa or Mrs Santa, I just prefer the Elf in a green outfit.
My favourite designer for holiday outfits is Laura Boram, for What The… (her easterbunny outfit is an all-time favourite!). This year her Christmas Elf outfit is just lovely! The outfit is more than complete and comes with: hat, boots, backpack, collar….well just everything you see on the pics except my hair and skin/shape!

The backpack is amazing! It is not only perfectly textured and has lots of cool decorations, but it also plays christmas songs when clicked on! To be a real Elf, you also get candy canes to hand out :). Expect me to look like this for the coming weeks!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Mickey Mills says:

    Awesomeness abounds!

    Fantastic Christmas elf. :-)

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