Willow Estate – Skating Pond

Last year I bought a pair of iceskates from Bax, but I hardly ever used them. What a waste! So on Saturday morning I dug them up from the depths of my inventory and tried them out on the little skating rink on ImperiuM Island. Lovely! The skates have a scripted AO in them, and skating-sounds..very nice. But I kind of missed a bit of variety in skating movement, so I went exploring a bit.

I found a more than lovely, and large, skating pond in Willow Estates. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, spots to sit next to a cosy fireplace –  really nice and not too ‘christmassy’. You can get a free pair of iceskates at the landingpoint and the best thing is: you click on the sign next to the pond, and choose an animation of your choice (singles relax, singles tricks, couples etc…). It rezzes a poseball which makes you skate in a guided path, so you can sit back and watch yourself skate like a true champion! Or chat and take pics of course. When you have had enough, simply ‘stand’ and all is done! Cool!

Hello Rudy!
The ice is in perfect skating condition!
Note to self: do not skip warming up!

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  1. @Sylvia: don’t tell anyone, but I hurt myself….I need tiger balm and a cabin boy.

    @L: ooh, you should go skate there, it’s so lovely! Time? HA! I just get up early and sneak online when you are all still asleep…:p

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