YumYum and KAO

Every now and again I like to check  places I have blogged about in the past, just to see if it still exists and in case of shops to see if there is something new I really need to have.
Today I went to check up on Yum Yum. They are located in a lovely little mall, with some other shops that are more than worthwhile a visit (garden, furniture, hair, clothes!).
I was delighted to find out YumYum is still there and they have the mall tastefully decorated for the season.

Weak as I am, I could not resist buying a new outfit for the Holidays: a green, babydoll-like dress with fun fur collar, hair from Barber Yum Yum and a pair of very girlie flat, red shoes from KAO.


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  1. Cute!! The collar should be a holly wreath;-)

  2. Venus says:

    I missed this post entirely for some odd reason. BTW, I love the snowfall on your blog page! I shall have to check out that cute dress (well, it is cute on you!).

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